It’s been quite a while since I last posted! That’s because we are incredibly busy all of the time.

Not only are we busy every day with normal service work but we are in ever-increasing demand for our restoration services, especially on 113 “pagodas” and 107 “Dallas” models.

With the increasing values of these cars customers are more prepared to spend what it takes to do the job properly and it would seem that Colin Ferns Ltd are unique in being able to offer the high standards that are required. We get a lot of cars that have been to other garages first and that raises some interesting thoughts:

The motor trade has a terrible reputation and a good portion of it is thoroughly deserved. Unfortunately, it’s a largely unregulated industry and so we are obliged to compete with the less scrupulous elements and try to make a profit at the same time.

It has to be said though that a lot of the incompetent work that we see is quite possibly not a result of any deliberate attempt to rip customers off, more likely it is the product of a combination of customer and garage that have an excess of enthusiasm over knowledge.

The problems come when a garages enthusiasm leads to them carry out unneccesary work and then they expect the customers to pay for their attempts or the customer happily pays because the car appears to be fixed but might not actually be so.

Regrettably, very few garages have sufficient integrity such that they will put their hands up and take responsibility.

We have recently witnessed this with a very large brand in our field who took £12000 from an 82 year old lady but provided poor results. That can happen but when confronted with the evidence they decided to deny everything and go to court rather than do the honourable thing…………

It proves that those with the largest advertising budget are not necessarily the best.