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Colin Ferns Ltd is a rare breed among Mercedes Surrey garages, providing service & restoration from premises in Richmond in Surrey, with over 40 years of working exclusively on Mercedes cars.

Our multi-skilled, dedicated team can carry out repairs, servicing, (including a full electronic fault diagnostic service) pre MOT inspection and MOT facilitation on any Mercedes Benz passenger car.

Colin Ferns Ltd has built a reputation on his extensive knowledge of not only current models, but historic classic Mercedes motor cars.

The business is one of the longest established independent Mercedes specialists in the UK, and Colin’s dedicated team of skilled technicians has grown over the years to meet his expanding customer base, some of whom have been remained loyal customers for over 30 years.

Our labour charge is over 30% less per hour than Mercedes

Did you know that you are not obliged to have your new Mercedes serviced by your main dealer in order to comply with warranty conditions?

Even if it is less than 3 years old!


We Fit Genuine Mercedes Parts

While many garages will offer pattern parts, in 99% of cases Colin Ferns Ltd will use genuine Mercedes replacement parts when working on your car.

While this may not always be the cheapest option, it ensures your car receives a reliable repair that is guaranteed by all Mercedes dealers in Europe.

Mercedes Restoration In Surrey

Colin Ferns Ltd is a Mercedes restoration specialist, and with over 40 years experience, your classic Mercedes will be in safe hands.

With an extensive inventory of rare Mercedes parts, we can offer any service from an engine tune through to a bare-shell restoration. We have established a reputation across the world with the 230SL, 250SL and 280SL models in particular.

Talk to us about your expectations before choosing your restoration partner, as we have sadly seen too many examples of poor quality restorations in the past. 

We would be delighted to provide you with examples of the high quality results we have achieved with past projects.

Customer Feedback

Collin Ferns is an authority in the world of Mercedes classics. In order to properly describe my feelings towards this establishment I want to share a story. In 2013 I bought a 1967 250SL. The car needed a lot of work and I knew that. I took a the car from one garage to the next all claiming they have worked on classic Pagodas in the past and in fact they didn't know which end of the car is front and which is back. Everytime they fix something it just didn't work right or broke again. I refused to think that this car would feel/run like this. After a year of this I started to hate the car to the point that I decided to sell it. It was a pain to deal with and I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel.My friend Jay who worked on the car's audio begged me not to sell the car. He sent the car to Collin and thats when the story starts to get better. When you meet Collin you immediately recognise that he knows these cars to a degree unattainable to us mere mortals. The car went into a full engine rebuild. Even after that I didn't want to drive. Its was difficult to forget the beginning of the relationship with this car. (400 miles in 4 years!) Drove this car last weekend and I can't describe how much joy I now have from driving it. It runs like a dream. I can't say enough of how great this place is. Thank you Collin for making me like my car again.
Yousef Mohd Al-ali
Yousef Mohd Al-ali
Brilliant, fast costumer service and top quality, experienced Mercedes mechanics. I was given the pleasure in dealing with two lovely gentleman called Colin and Dave. All that came through for me was a passion for their work and to get what you needed done, done. Very reasonably priced for the quality of work that went into the job. Highly recommend for Mercedes owners as this will be your alternative garage besides Mercedes itself who will charge you ridiculous corporate prices for the same work.
Rachel Garfias Davies
Rachel Garfias Davies
I have recently purchased a 1989 Mercedes SL300 from Colin having been 'window-shopping' for a little while. After meeting Colin, I was very impressed with his in-depth knowledge and he was extremely helpful in pointing out things to look for when viewing cars of this type (not just his) and considering this purchase. Prior to the sale, Colin pointed out a number of (very minor) issues with the car that he wanted to fix prior to selling the vehicle. I was very keen to take the car away straight away so Colin has agreed to fix these items free of charge at my earliest convenience. Great service so far and I look forward to having my new car serviced by Colin for years to come!
Christopher Powell
Christopher Powell
What a brilliant site. I came across it by accident when looking at the 300 107 SL. That looked like an awful lot of car for £20k. This Facebook page just inspires confidence in the organisation. Maybe this is the place to get the better half's SLK serviced and repaired, we don't live far away!
Colin Leaford
Colin Leaford
Colin and his team are brilliant. They recently found me a great Mercedes 230 CE (1984) . He also looked after my earlier Mercedes 280 (1973) and gave great advice and servicing. James
James White
James White
Love this garage, Colin and Dave are honourable and thorough and look after my car as if it was their own. The only garage I would take my Mercedes to !
Francesco Ferrari
Francesco Ferrari

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