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It must be stopped

Are you aware that the Ultra Low Emmision Zone (ULEZ) is being expanded at the end of August 2023?

Here at Colin Ferns Ltd we are strongly opposed to Mayor Khan's expansion of the ULEZ zone to cover all London Boroughs. 

There are 14 million people in Greater London but only 8 million get to vote in the Mayoral elections. This means that 6 million people are having the Mayor's will imposed upon them without representation and this is undemocratic.

The impact this ULEZ will have does not however only affect those within the Greater London Area. It also affects those who live just beyond it in the home counties. People that have family, jobs, and patronise businesses within the newly affected area will suddenly find that they must now pay £12.50 for the privilage. If their visit extends beyond midnight then they will have to pay twice. This means that up to 20 million people are affected. If they are unaware of the changes then the first they will know about it is when they recieve a fine for £190.00 in the post.

TFL have spent £250 million pounds of taxpayers' money on installing cameras in preparation and if they are allowed to go live they will have much wider implications than ULEZ. TFL's own website declares that they plan to use the cameras to enforce "pay per mile" so ALL  car users will be penalised, not just the poorest who can ill afford to upgrade their cars.

It is outrageous and must be prevented.

Mayor Khan is using emotional blackmail to convince the public that people are dying from pollution and is misleading the public into believeing that such pollution is soley created by older cars but TFL's own data suggests that the expansion of ULEZ will have little to no effect on pollution

If you value the democracy that our forefathers have given their lives defending then please write to your MP and express your disapproval of Mayor Khan's actions.