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No two services are alike. Many components carry a calendar life, so regardless of the miles your car has done, the replacement of some parts are down to the time span that has passed since a part was last replaced.

This this makes predicting the cost of a service virtually impossible.

All service parts fitted, such as air filters, oil filters, brake pads etc are genuine Mercedes parts where available. This guarantees the best possible FIT AND performance.

The reasons for this were reinforced recently when a customer brought a car to us claiming it had been meticulously maintained. However, upon inspection we found the work had been carried out by a local garage using pattern oil filters and cheap oil.

The result was a petrol engine that looked like a diesel engine inside, with thick black oil and sludge. The engine had consequently suffered premature wear and mechanical issues due to poor quality oil and filtration.

Every service we carry out is bespoke. In 2008/9 Mercedes launched their DSB (Digital Service Book) system. This is a database where the service information on every vehicle since the system was launched is kept.

We have legitimate access to this system, which means we are able to quickly call up the history of a vehicle and ascertain what work will be required under periodic component replacement. We can also view details of past service work, and we can update the system with any work we perform.

If a vehicle is too old to feature on the DSB database, we have to rely on the details provided in the hard copy service book accompanying the car. If we have  any doubts as to the history of particular items, we will generally recommend replacement.

We are often asked what we charge for a Mercedes A or B service.

In reality, there is very little difference between the two, as in our opinion every Mercedes service is different and we treat it as such.

We need to see each car before we can give an accurate idea of price as outlined above, but as a starting guide you should expect a service to cost a minimum of £350.00 inclusive of all parts, labour & VAT.

Although we are an independent garage, we use exactly the same electronic diagnostic equipment as Mercedes Benz. In fact, our equipment is leased direct from Mercedes Benz, so you can be assured your car is being assessed according to Mercedes protocols.

In fact we probably have more diagnostic latitude as we are not constrained by limitations of the Mercedes Benz dealer network.

We charge a flat Fee of £95+VAT for electronic fault diagnosis –  This is not included as part of a routine service.

Unfortunately, electronic diagnosis is not a foolproof panacea. It is a guide that gives us a start on diagnosing any issues, but quite often the results are only indicative of a resultant failure and not a primary cause of such a failure. Further investigative work will therefore sometimes be necessary, even after electronic diagnosis.

In every case, we take the car in and carry out an inspection, and review the service book. If it’s a newer car, we’ll check the Mercedes DSB (Digital Service Book) system to ascertain what is required.

Once our inspection is complete, we’ll contact the customer and tell them what is required, along with a price, giving them options on how they would like us to proceed.

Why we don’t offer fixed price servicing

Many so called “fixed price service” plans are billed as such to get people through the door, however often the price advertised is not the price you pay, as extras are frequently added.

Our emphasis is not on providing cheap Mercedes servicing. We are experts in our field, and focus on carrying out Mercedes maintenance to the very highest standard, and unsurprisingly for such a prestige marque, this does not come cheap.

You can be assured that your car will be attended to with the utmost professionalism and skill, which is what our customers expect.

We are frequently pressed to provide an estimate prior to examination of a vehicle. In such cases we will offer worst case scenario with the hope that following initial investigations we might come in below our original estimate, compared to main dealers who’s philosophy is generally the opposite.

We always fit Mercedes parts where available.

DID YOU KNOW that you are not obliged to have your new car serviced by the main dealer in order to comply with the warranty conditions?

Under the terms of something called the “European block exemption directive” of 2003 we can service your car EVEN IF IT IS LESS THAN THREE YEARS OLD, and it does not affect your warranty.

Oil Changes

We use Mercedes approved lubricants when servicing your car and apply a full engine flush with each oil change.

Brake Service

From a standard brake service through to complete braking system replacement, we ensure your Mercedes stops on a dime.

Air Conditioning

Our technicians perform air conditioning re-gassing and diagnose and repair leaks in your system.


Our experienced technicians are able to diagnose both manual or automatic transmission problems and are skilled with complex gearbox rebuilds.

Auto Electrical

Our skilled auto electricians are experienced with both classics and the very latest Mercedes systems.

Tyres & Wheels

We supply and fit the very best quality branded tyres and offer a full restoration service for both modern and classic Mercedes wheels.

Mercedes Servicing

From £350 + VAT

Electronic Diagnosis

From £95 + VAT

Vehicle Inspections

From £400 + VAT

Mercedes Storage

£125 + VAT/mo

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