Careers with Colin Ferns

We have a policy of providing our staff with a good work/life balance.

We do not work weekends, our hours of work are 7.30am – 5.30pm, and everyone gets an hour for lunch.

We consider this policy to be a fundamental part of how we work. We don’t expect our staff to miss out on family life.

To apply for any of the positions below, please send a copy of your current CV to, along with a covering email explaining why you think you should be considered for the position.

General Manager

Colin Ferns Ltd is an independent Mercedes Specialist that has gained an excellent reputation for quality of work and integrity. The name is well known amongst Mercedes enthusiasts.

After 37 years building the business, the MD is looking for someone to not only  facilitate a reduction in his own work load but bring new ideas on how to improve the current organisation. It is anticipated that the business will be for sale in 10 years time and so this will be a perfect opportunity for someone to position themselves for a management buy-out.

This is a highly responsible role. You will be charged with managing all aspects of the day to day running of the business, answering only to the MD.

The role requires a broad spectrum of knowledge and a flexible “can do” approach., coupled with grit and determination to succeed.


An outline of what the job entails:

The new manager, if successful, will be able to present an economic case for any changes that he/she proposes which may or may not include the addition of more  staff.

As it stands at the moment the role is this:

Customer facing:

To receive all telephone calls and take bookings.

To ensure that customers are greeted and treated with the utmost respect and relay information to and from the customer in a clear and unambiguous fashion

  1. When customers arrive to book their vehicle in they are greeted appropriately and the booking goes smoothly.
  2. You ensure the customer knows you will contact him/ her during the day to give them an update on progress on the vehicle. You will always ensure you inform the customer of the cost of any unforeseen work and seek their permission to carry out the work before it is started.
  3. When customers collect their vehicle the work that has been completed is explained to them, their invoice is gone through so they understand where the costs have come from.
  4. If a courtesy car is being provided you ensure they know the basic controls on the vehicle before they drive off.
  5. Your conversations with customers are clear and concise so the customer understands exactly what needs to be done or what has been completed on the vehicle when they come to collect it.
  6. To ensure that customers are offered all legitimate opportunities for increased spending.
  7. To generate accurate invoices.

Managing the work

  1. To ensure that purchase invoices are correctly entered on to the system
  2. You will ensure all invoices are completed in a clear an accurate way at all times.
  3. You will ensure invoices are completed in timely manner and will always be ready for the customer upon collection of their vehicle.
  4. Invoices will completed in accordance with the guidance provided to you by your line manager.
  5. Over time you will think about how invoice generation/completion can be improved and discuss with your line manager.
  6. You will spend a lot of time identifying and procuring the correct parts from suppliers at the best possible price.

Managing the team

  1. You will ensure you manage your colleagues in a fair but, when called for, firm manner so you gain their respect.
  2. You will liaise with your colleagues in a calm and respectful manner in order to generate a positive atmosphere.
  3. You will ensure that the quality assurance aspects of the business for which you are responsible are of the highest standard.
  4. You will manage your own time efficiently so you always have the capacity to fulfil your management duties.
  5. To study work flow, and implement procedures that will offer better control of the work flow.
  6. To manage staff holidays, sickness and time sheets for wages.
  7. You will foster a good team spirit and generally improve staff relationships with the business

General business handling

  1. Either learn on the job or ask for training support to fully understand and be able to use well the software used to run the business. A good understanding of the current software will be required after the initial learning period.
  2. The current software is not being fully exploited. You will take control of stock management by implementing a more rigid and analytical system than currently exists by developing new systems and ideas to make the business even more efficient and profitable.

This job is not a walk in the park and candidates looking for an easy life need not apply.

Starting salary is 34K. It is appreciated that this might appear on the low side but it is expected that the successful candidate will bring sufficient improvements to the business such that he will be in a strong position to negotiate when the time comes for a review.

Skilled Motor Technicians

We’re always looking for skilled technicians capable of working to the high standards our customers expect from us.

The potential exists for Mercedes specific training for experienced technicians to enhance their skillset, however this is dependent on the availability of courses with Mercedes in Milton Keynes, which are not as frequent as we would like.

Mercedes training is not an essential requirement for applicants.


We are currently looking to employ a young individual for a 3 year formal apprenticeship.

This is an outstanding opportunity for someone who is hungry to learn and take advantage of what is a unique opportunity to work for a company with our experience, history and profile.

The successful applicant will not only get the opportunity to work on the very latest modern Mercedes motor cars, but also gain invaluable knowledge of the repair and restoration of classic vehicles.

The post also includes attendance at the Mercedes Training Centre in Milton Keynes.